Minecraft mob ids

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984 0 0 0 19 8c2. All previous update notes still apply. See updates listed below for details. Food in dinopedia now shows metadata. Fixed birds and aquatic dinosaurs always spawning as female. Chicken essence no longer sets owner without actually taming it.

This is mostly a bug fix update. Although many common crashes after the last update were people not using the right LLibrary version, we resolve all the issues reported to us between release and now, and as a result should be more stable. In other news, LLibrary has also updated, and we highly recommend updating that mod as well along with Fossils and Archeology. If you haven’t updated from 7. Like always, be sure to back up your world before updating!

WARNINGS FOR UPDATING FROM VERSIONS BEFORE 7. Due to the amount of changes in this update, there were a few unavoidable changes that happened. Custom textures for dinosaurs may be broken after updating from 7. All dinosaurs have been reset to 0 days old and are babies. Added Dryosaurus, a small herbivorous dinosaur!

Added Therizinosaurus, a large herbivorous dinosaur! Added Parasaurolophus, a large herbivorous dinosaur! Triceratops is smaller and more realistically sized. Fixed tethered logs not playing animation. Fixed missing sleeping dilophosaurus baby texture. Fixed Pteranodon model messing up when opening mouth. Fix weird generation of hell boats.

Fix dinosaurs attacking players on peaceful. Fix mosasaur not holding nautilus correctly. Fix pteranodon not playing flying animation in air. Fix analyzer not interacting with hoppers.

Fix some inaccuracies with animations and dinopedias. Fix Aquatic animals getting stuck on the sea floor. Fix Vanilla DNA’s not working in the Culture Vat. Fix Archeology Workbench not mineable with axe.