Minecraft hotel map

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This is a simple adventure map which takes place in the Diamond Village. Villagers have lived there for ages but last night something horrific happened. One of their elders were kidnapped by some evil monsters. The villagers need your help to save the elder and bring him back safely to the village. Storyline Your name is Breck and you are the bravest warrior in all of Diamond Village.

Last night a group of angry mobs kidnapped the village Elder. It’s now up to you to save him! How long would it take to play? It took me about 30 minutes to play. Took me about 25 minutes to complete. It should take about 1-2 hours to complete the adventure. The glowstone was placed as I intended.

It was meant to look as though it was growing in the cave naturally. I can’t find any of your maps anywhere? Its hard to make a map. It will take younto finish a map a long time if you have work, or school. The only time that you can resume it is weekends. You should change the map name. These take long 30minutes or 20mins BUT AWESOME QUEST!

It took me 10 min to play. Everithing is interesting and working expect the machine where you need to put blaze thing. I hope the part 2 will come soon! You may not have the correct version of Minecraft. This map has worked correctly for thousands of others. One of the better maps I played!

Pat on the back for Kidsource! Very good map but at the start I didn’t understand how you’d get started,so I gave myself shears and then it was perfect! I saved the elder but then preceded to kill every villager with the Robin Hood bow. Ill be honest I had a issue with the starting door the hopper was pointing in the wrong direction, I used the shovel to dig and place everything in its proper place, I can’t tell if this was minecraft loading wrong or something but the rest of the hoppers worked perfectly.

It is by far the best I have played. I couldn’t get far enough with the elytra. It is a super legit map. Where do I find the Zombie Cave in the map? It came with 26 golden apples!