Minecraft game pocket edition

The developers have not finished version 1. 5, let’s check out Minecraft PE 1. Plates addon v5 for Minecraft Minecraft game pocket edition 1.

Amazing Magic mod for MCPE 1. Magic is a fabulous modification for Minecraft Bedrock Edition which adds many magic items, altars, weapons and bosses. Mob Battle addon v2 for Minecraft Bedrock 1. Make all mobs fight with each other, even those who used to be peaceful and never attacked anyone.

Phantom Upgrade addon for Minecraft PE 1. If you have not seen phantoms before, then try installing this addon before your first acquaintance. Ender IO IC is a modification that adds various machines, generators for the production of RF and Eu energy, devices for remote access to objects, pipes for transportation, as well as wires. Cloak of Invisibility addon for Minecraft BE 1. Feel like Harry Potter wearing a cloak of invisibility! Since that day, Minecraft has been transformed into the Stalker universe with radiation, weapons, medicines, monsters and many other features that are inherent in a nuclear catastrophe. The meaning of this modification is simple: it adds graves and tombstones after the death of the player.

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