Minecraft best diamond seed

If you minecraft best diamond seed looking for a good Minecraft 1. 3 starter world, this seed is perfect. NPC village with 9 diamonds in the blacksmith’s chest.

There is also a desert temple directly in front of the village. There’s another Desert Village at x: -763 z:259 and next to it is another Desert Temple. There’s another village and partially-buried temple around -728,221. 3 version of seed -671258039 which this site has already covered. TY so much Mathmagician for giving that info, I had no idea. The desert temple has a cave underneath, so there are no chests, nor any TNT. I got Chuck Testa’d with this seed.

When I used it, I got a Ravine at 280,300 but -390,300 is an ocean biome. The best seed ever i had at least 15 diamonds from the NPC village and the Sand thing, and when i went to the nether i spawned in a Nether temple with a nearby Blaze spawner! 15 dimonds in NPC and Sand temple. Where are the diamonds in the temple? I found the cave thing with the chests in it under the temple. I tried to open a chest and the tnt went off. Did opening the chest set the tnt off?