Diamond drill minecraft

The developers have not finished version diamond drill minecraft. 5, let’s check out Minecraft PE 1.

CLIFF 5’s diversity survival mod v. The mod is fully designed for survival and adds new features — ore, wood, objects, blocks, etc. The real game balance — you will be easier to extract the blocks, but they need more. Now you can quickly dig a mine and extract the tree, to breathe underwater, to see in the dark, quick to collect drop, etc. This version contains 12 mechanisms and the transfer of items on the pipes that will partially automate the game and even create a large manufacturing network.

Mod is actively developed, and in the future will be a lot. Mod will not work without additional unpacked files. In addition, the save files are kept in folder «deversity_survival», and its existence strictly necessary. Do not worry if there is an inscription «save: Error» — it is possible in some circumstances.

Do not rename the maps, because saving is using the map names. The mod is designed for those players who are tired of the usual MCPE, and adds many new features of the different subjects. Improved generation of standard ores, and added generation of new several ores and a new type of tree. Laser device — allows you to get some blocks and turn them into others. To activate the need to tap using laser isotope.